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Being born in 1982 in the Favelas of Brazil and growing up in an artistic family of photographers, musicians and journalist I found my love for drawing at an early age. Moving to (Western) Europe at age 26 was a shock and I felt that the climate, culture and mentality drained a lot of my creative energy. This was only revived by changing the way I express myself artistically and would eventually fill in everything that I had left in Brazil. It would keep me on my path of looking at the positive side in every aspect of life. With my paintings I would like to show you that all emotions and people can be beautiful and give energy as long as they are put in the right (tone) context.

I am constantly looking for the best combinations of colours and tones to match every single portrait and therefore every painting is unique in terms of colour pallet. I found that the use of acrylics and big pieces give the contrast and emotional conflict I am hoping to give to my audience.

Eindhoven - The Netherlands